Sunday, October 14, 2012

Things I have learnt....

Today I have learned that I MUST take my nausea tablet before I even leave to go out.... I have learned that I MUST take my wheelchair even if I think I am well enough to go out. I have learned that I MUST take my medication on time. I have learned I MUST have a small meal when we go out from now on (This is good for the weight-loss lol)

Today we decided to go to Taupo, David asked if I wanted the chair. I said no I am feeling pretty good I will be ok - like hell I was ok by the time we got there.... we went for a little walk around the shops maybe 1km at the most - I had a flare well not really a flare but it knocked me for six..... 

We went to Dixie Brown's for lunch, well a late lunch - we come here most of the time when we go to Taupo, the food has always been fantastic, and service is great and today was no different....
  They have Vanilla and Coconut milkshakes and OMG they are so delicious...and we shared a garlic bread between the three of us.
David had Crisp Pork Belly
Crispy slow roasted pork belly with a caramel apple glaze on a garlic potato mash
Steph had Chicken Fettuccine
Tender chicken sautéed with bacon, mushrooms, spring onions, garlic & red pepper in a light cream sauce
I had Mushroom Cheddar Melt
Prime beef patty grilled with our basting sauce topped with cheddar cheese & a rich mushroom sauce on a toasted bun with lettuce tomato, onion & gherkin finished with aioli
I only ate about 4 chips and only ate the rissole and mushroom sauce leaving the rest of the lunch - didn't even touch the side of the burger with the salad on  - I can not seem to eat big meals anymore, so am going to start ordering kids meals or entrees.... I just end up wasting so much of the food, or we have doggy bags that the dogs love lol.

They have the most wonderful deserts and cakes, which we took one piece of a caramel cake home. 
The lake was beautiful today..... could not see the mountains covered in snow was to cloudy and though it is fine in these photo's, we had some massive doses of rain.

We saw some cute little signets..... they were so fluffy and cute.
Also we saw some ducklings....
I took a nausea tablet and fell asleep on the way home, I felt so terrible, shaking, nauseous and just generally like crap, I was so close to tears but I held them back.... I hate how I can not even enjoy a days outing well it was not even a day it was only like 4 hours.... Some-days CRPS really does suck!!!! And if I had done all of the above in the top paragraph then maybe I might have enjoyed it a fraction more, so lesson learned hopefully :)

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  1. Sorry to hear you had such a bad time and that it spoilt your day. Hopefully next time you will have a better time !
    Take care and look after yourself !