Sunday, October 7, 2012

This one or that one...

I am looking at one of these hair colors, think it will be the blonde as we are going into summer, though I love the other one as well - the cut will be like the blonde one I think - easy to look after bit of gel or something and that's it lol.

Today not sure, may have to to Hamilton and pick up Steph, will know when she wakes up. Chris is still very head-coldy - better not pass it on to us , or I will be one grumpy mother.

The sun is shinning so that's a start that the day might be ok.... am still feeling sore and tired so today I think will be a resting day again - I am over bloody resting. Yes the CRPS is starting to knock me again, but I am trying my darn-est to not let it bring me down.

In Rotorua in Eat Street (a street they have closed of and full of cafe's and restaurants) has a $10 brunch/lunch between the hours of 10am - 2pm, so we thought we would try one of the restaurants, we ended up at Solace.
 They also have music playing outside  - if you look in the distance a bit, you can see the man with the laptop playing the music.
 David ordered the open fish sandwich
 I ordered the BLT with chips
 And just to keep Rotorua clean they have this big machine buzzing past the window....
 Anyway lunch was disappointing, well my BLT was, my chips (well some of them) was only partially cooked, I ordered an ice chocolate which had no cream or ice-cream.... the bacon was nice real bacon....

Then we went to Farmers to look for a top for the skirt but nothing, nil, zilch so it means I will just have to place an order from the USA or Australia - such a shame ;)

We then went to my old work - the supermarket and then it hit me the dizziness, the unbalanced, nauseous, and just feeling like shit.... so we got out of there pretty fast and came home. I am not sure what causes these spells, it could be the medication, the heat, or any number of things, but I hate them.... whatever it is.

Oh we had a change of plan with Steph, she decided to stay in Auckland with her dad for an extra night or two. 

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  1. Those spells do sound awful and unpredictable.

    The brunch looks nice so it's a pity it wasn't the best. I love the street cleaner. Fancy.