Saturday, October 13, 2012

Wind Wind and More Wind....

It is blowing a gale out there..... so what can one do - well today I went through all my clothes tossed the ones with stains on them and well are just hideous, the next lot I have shoved OK folded in a huge bag and will donate to somewhere, these are good clothes with no stains but I just will no longer wear, and those clothes that I purchased with the hope of losing 50 kilos and being able to wear them lol - I am sure when I do lose 50 kilos I will be wanting to shop for new fashions, not ones that are 10 years old :).

Yes folks over time when my budget allows I am now going to buy clothes I love and that fit comfortably, especially now I have discovered internet shopping and the clothes that are so much cheaper than in New Zealand and made for the well lets say more voluptuous women. I know longer need to squeeze my body into clothes that are not made for my size, instead I can now go on the net and shop till my hearts content, in clothes that I love. And we are not just talking clothes we are talking shoes/boots assuming I am still able to wear them in the future due to the CRPS, and jewelry. And hey there summer clothes are on sale in the USA and as we are in opposite seasons I also get to experience the sales, so a bargain as well. 

This weekend is a lazy one, I really need to relax and get rid of the pain I am feeling from overdoing things the last week, last night was the first night in weeks that I cried from the pain. So I have downloaded, whoops borrowed some movies and TV shows from the net and will be watching those.....

So on that note have a lovely day and stay smiling :), and just as I have typed this up the wind has dropped and the sun is peeping through..... think positive and it just might happen :)

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