Tuesday, October 2, 2012


My skirts are in New Zealand, so should get them this week, depending on how long it will take to get through customs..... 

Hope to hear back from the hairdresser today, left a message to get my hair done next week.... I am not going to know myself after it lol.... but can't wait to finally get a new look :)

Today it is bloody cold, just about like winter again - wish the weather would make up it's mind.

Today will be working on the assignment, and the usual housework, washing etc....

Back later :) 

Had my psychologist appointment this morning, went well was only there 30 minutes as everything is going pretty good for now. Did my nails, today they are a lovely pink color, photo later or tomorrow. 

Bloody weather, wish it would make up it's mind, one minute sunny the next rain.... oh and here we are in Spring and the Desert Road, had snow on it this morning :)

Hairdresser appointment confirmed for next week Wednesday, can't wait :) 


  1. Weather stinks.

    Waaah! I want to garden.

  2. That weather sounds awful. Sunny here today which is awesome!

    Looking forward to seeing pics of the hair and skirts. When mine grows out a bit I am definitely getting the teal.

    I'm off to they psychologist this morning as well. Must be the day for working on our mental health:)