Friday, November 23, 2012

2nd Post for the day....

Surprise surprise - 2 posts in one day - anyway am currently fiddling with the blogs, so if you were looking for some links that were om here, but not any longer, you will probably find them on my "Creations for Curves" blog, finally got my a into g and moved things around :)

From now on this one will be mainly on CRPS and living with it, whereas the "Creations for Curves" will be about plus size, the personal stuff will probably be doubled up on both blogs occasionally but I will try and keep them separate. 

I am still going to be setting up the business from home, but wont be doing that till 2013, by the end of next year I am really hoping it will be and running properly.

Oh yeah our home is looking a little bit Christmasy :), yesterday I put up the small trees, there was no way I was going to set up the big tree then spend all day getting frustrated trying to untangle the lights, and end up throwing them across the room cause I can not untangle them - so we have the fibre optic ones up... with a few decorations and that will be it :). We are having Christmas early as the kids are going to there dads, so we are having it on the 22nd of December, I am hoping I will be well enough to make some Christmas treats, nothing to complicated just little things :)

Anyway don't forget to check out my other blog "Creations for Curves", and have a lovely weekend all :)

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