Monday, November 5, 2012

Another week begins...

I really am struggling with how fast the weeks are going by, did my exam last Friday, am not sure how I went.... I have 1 more exam this Friday. Then 10 days off till the summer semester starts, and depending on how things go there will determine my 2013 study plans. 

We had fireworks last night, got a couple of photos and some cool videos, really cant be bothered downloading the videos today... so here you have the 2 photos, the video's have come out pretty good as I have a special thing on my camera for fireworks :)

Today will be more study and I am going to do a post on my Creations for Curves blog, but before I go I ask that you please watch this video about CRPS, I am on a mission to help get CRPS out there, and am going to be contacting doctors, MP's, TV, and radio etc.... More needs to be done about doctors recognising this, so that more people can go into remission, another CRPS person passed away a few weeks ago..... I didn't know him personally but did through face-book, it breaks my heart when I see people struggling to stay alive because of this blasted disease!!! So in New Zealand I am going to start pushing it and getting it out there, and if one person goes into remission because of it then it has been worth the time and effort. 

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