Friday, November 23, 2012

Another week nearly gone already....

Have had an up and down week, I am losing patience with the kids god help me how I am going to cope for another 14 weeks or however many weeks it is till school starts again. Thank god they both go to Auckland next week for a few days, I really need some time out. When do they ever stop squabbling... they are both 18 next year.....

Anyway on to better things with CRPS, the scales are still going in the right direction, little by little..... now the bad things with CRPS, my teeth are breaking down partly the meds and partly the CRPS, it is common for CRPS patients to lose their teeth, yesterday I discovered my 2 front teeth at the bottom are really loose, I burst into tears... apparently ACC wont cover plates or anything.... as a person I know has already tried.

Dad come last weekend and bought me the tripod, so will be practicing using that over the next few weeks. Have not been taking any photos lately, have just not been in the mood, actually I have not been in the mood for much, no makeup, no nail polish, no me time... but I need to get back into it. Did get my eyebrows done the other day, got them shaped and colored, that felt good.

Our lettuce we planted is now ready to pick yay, and also the strawberries are nearly ready, will have to beat the birds to those, till we get some netting on it. 

I am currently doing a trial of BePureOne, to see if that helps with pain.... time will tell on that, and it may be a while as for some reason I cannot access the video's on it to see what foods I am suppose to be eating as well, I apparently should have access, so have emailed him to see why I can not, so more on that we I can access more. 

Slowly getting the Christmas presents organised for the kids, they get a bit of cash and a santa sack with bits and pieces in it.

Anyway back later today or on the weekend, as I have to go to the school for some stuff for the kids   


  1. Oh no - I hope that the children give you a break soon - it is so hard when they fight. I feel like that sometimes with A and K - drives me nuts !
    I hope you have a great weekend !
    Take care and remember to find some time for yourself.

  2. Not your teeth!!! I just can't imagine all that you go through on a daily basis. Lettuce from the garden is great - on my list of things to do one day. At the moment it is in the too lazy dept :)

    Good luck with that BePureOne and great that the scales are moving in the direction you like.

  3. My constant nightmare is to lose my teeth.
    I hope a dentist can help you with that... maybe a small payment plan so that if you do need false teeth at a later date you are already part way to covering the cost?

    Kids squabble non stop... it's in their natures! Can you imagine having 6 kids at home and having to constantly referee the arguments? I don't need to imagine it. I lived it.

    Time out. You probably need it more than me even... due to the pain levels you have to cope with.

    Try and do something nice for yourself ... even if it is only putting on some make up each day.. that is what I do.. even if I'm not going out. It helps believe me.