Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Deleting negatives...

   I am over having negative things in my life.... I am culling people/blogs and things in my life that take my energy but give nothing in return... I am not going to be used by people anymore, friendship is a two way thing and lately some of my friendships well what I thought were friendships, I have found to be very much one way. So from now on I am going to focus and use my energies on the people I know who care about me..... I don't have much energy of late and it is not going to be wasted on people who only contact me when they want something.... I am worth more than that, funnily enough I am not angry about it, hurt yes but that will pass, but feel like some weight has been lifted (Shame it wont show on the scales lol).

   Tomorrow the twins are off to Auckland till early next week, looking forward to having the break, though Chris and I have been getting on pretty well, well Steph I hardly see now she has got her restricted license. Today Chris and I finally got around to putting the bird netting on the strawberries, so  hopefully we might actually get some strawberries, so far we have only had one as the birds get to them first thing in the morning before we are even up lol.

   I am looking forward to Christmas this year, we are having it early as the kids will be at their dads, nearly all presents have been got for the kids, none for David and I - we are saving for the trip to the Gold Coast next year. I have got some stuff from "Etsy" for the kids, I love that site, and better still the kids have their favorites so I know what they will get they will like :). My dad and David's mum will come for the day :).

   Anyway thats it from me, will do a post on "Creations for Curves" tomorrow so don't forget to check it out :)

   Sleep well all :)


  1. I agree - obviously there has been some culling lately from me also :) I often go through blogs and FB friends and cull. Life's too short for pretend friends. Try and keep the glass half full - I like positive energy around me.

    Don't worry about Steph being off in her car, that is life. Been there done that and she came home with a baby at 27... lol. Love them to bits though.

  2. That's the right outlook Jackie.
    Kick all the negative energy to the curb you do not need that,Just good Vibes.

    Southgirl x

  3. You need to do what works for you. I made a conscious decision a few years ago to get rid of the negatives in my life and I am so glad that I did.
    Have a great day !