Friday, November 30, 2012


   Facebook has so many advantages when it comes to people like me, well I think so anyway, so many questions have been answered by the face-book community in dealing with CRPS, though I have not met most physically, they have been a lifesaver when at times I am wanting reassurance. This brings me onto a New Zealand face-book page I would like to promote "Rotorua Pain Specialists" this is my pain doctor, who was the first doctor I met who did not shove me out the door with a "I don't know how we can help", instead he gave me the answers and told me there was something wrong and not all in my head, well it all in my head but you know what I mean :)

   Today we had to take Biscuit back to the vet, she has an allergy which is just not going, so another dose of steroids and another $100 poorer... hope this time it works :), speaking of puppies Chico is doing well, loving the summer and being outside all day running around, will take some pics soon :)

   Today I have not woken up to bad considering the rough day I had yesterday, I slept like a log, my only concern is the splint I am wearing at night is getting hot, yet I cannot sleep without it..... have the hand therapist on Monday so will see if we can come up with anything else.

   December 1st tomorrow, official day of summer, 25 days till Christmas... oh and before I forget, I have put bird wire on the strawberries so hopefully we should get some now :)

   Anyway thats me for now, time to go and have some lunch and do some more study :)

   Oh yeah and one more thing, we have this clown here in Rotorua who does balloon animals and profits got to Child Cancer, he does them outside the local supermarket and markets, I also used to do them but no longer do, today I gave him all my balloons left over a fair few of them so that is my good deed for the month of November just got it in in the last day, I am doing one good day a month :)

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