Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hope today is a better day....

     Last night was no fun.... right now I am hating this CRPS, good news we changed our accommodation in the Gold Coast to a later date, we are now going end of July/beginning August, the one thing I really want to do and will do is the whale watching. We choose this time as it is the cooler time of the year, yes we also know it also is more chance of rain but I don't care for now. 

     Today will be some housework, get a few groceries, take Steph for a driving lesson and am also hoping to work on the blog. And rest rest rest, I certainly do not want to feel like I did last night again tonight. 

     It has been raining last night, and will be today so a good excuse to stay warm and snuggly inside :)


  1. I hope you are feeling better by now and that you have a better night !
    Take care - lotsa hugs

  2. You've got every right to hate the bad days and just wish for better ones.

    My sister uses a wheelchair most times when she goes out now and it just works out more enjoyable for her. It's a big adjustment though, even if it makes outings easier for you.

    I'll be in NZ next week but only in each city for half a day otherwise I would arrange to say hi:)