Saturday, November 24, 2012

I am on a roll....

With updating the blog, three posts in two days. 

Anyway last night we were going out to get some dinner, and I started getting spasms in my back, nothing unusual there but this time it didn't go - I slept like crap it was so sore, and have woken up with my back in so much pain... I am trying to walk around as much as possible to see if that will ease it, it is hard to explain the pain, it is not really back pain as in normal back it is more in the kidney area, will keep an eye on it. 

Anyway another nice day in Rotorua, the strawberries are nearly ready but the birds are beating me to them little buggers, the joys of having heaps of native trees surrounding the house. Today not sure of plans nothing major....

Must do some study the semester started last Monday and I have not even looked at a book....

Oh and heard from BePure and the reason  I could not suss out the video's is because he releases them every 2 days as not to overwhelm people, but me being me wanted to do it all in one hit, so he has sent me the links for all of them so guess what I will be doing today as well....

Went out for lunch, I am a cheap date now, as I can only eat small amounts.... was nice to get out for a bit. Was going to go to the museum, but I was to sore so hopefully tomorrow and yes I will use the chair have learnt my lesson the last couple of times going out trying to be superwoman. So instead we came home and watched the latest Coronation Street that we downloaded.

Oh yeah meant to say tonight we had lettuce and parsley from our own garden, was so cool I also had a strawberry from our garden, it was not quite ripe but I was not going to let those birds get this one :).

Anyway thats me for now, have a lovely weekend all :)

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  1. My son in Auckland had the same problem with his Strawberries.The lovely birds were helping themselves till his wife decided she needed new net curtains(he pounced on the old ones before she binned them)lolHope you do get to taste some of them though.

    Southgirl x