Thursday, November 1, 2012

Some decisions....

Some decisions are going to be made over the next month or so.... I can't continue the way I am going. I have my exam tomorrow and I am not sure how it will go, I am tried, sore and just had it..... I thought the study would so me good but...... 

I do know that the business and the other blog is going to happen, but that means other things need to give, I am not 100% sure what though just yet.... But I do know I can not continue like this. 

Catch you in a day or so or maybe after my next exam, which is Friday next week, and I have sorted myself out and feel like I am in the land of the living :)


  1. Hugs.

    Tough decisions but you will know what is right for you and your family.

    Can you go back to your studies at a later date, say after a 12 month break, if you want to?

    All the best preparing for your exam.


  2. It's hard having to accept we can't do as much as we used to I know.. good luck with the exams...


  3. Maybe try to look at what is adding to your life positively. The shop truly sounds wonderful and I get so much excitement and enthusiasm from your writing about it.

    The study and exams just seems to take all your energy and have you worried. I hope you can come to a decision that makes you happy and is sustainable for you xx