Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thank god....

   Today I have woken up without the sore back/kidney whatever it was, well it is still a bit sore but not like it was yesterday, I woke a few times at night with spasms, now I am wondering if it because I have currently stopped the magnesium as asked to because of the BePure, will keep a close on it and will see how it goes, if it keeps happening, I will contact the ever faithful doctor and ask to be back on it - but nice to think I may have found the answer.

   Anyway have woken up to another lovely day here, but no strawberries the ones that were nearly ready were gone ggggrrrrrr, so my mission this week is to get netting. 

   Bloody hell last night I thought I had better check my study to make sure nothing was due, and there was had until midnight to get in a task, lucky it was real easy, but it was compulsory, so now I have entered it all in the calendar of iphone the dates so no excuse now to forget :)

   Not much else to report for now, may be back later, hope to get out today for a bit - not sure where though, maybe the museum with a bit of luck :)

   Oh yeah dyed my hair again this morning, so the blue is nice and cool again :), and did my nails yesterday so am feeling pretty good again psychologically wise anyway for now at least :)

   Yay we are going out for a small outing soon :), oh and have finally updated the tracker for the countdown till our trip, which is 8 months away now, though it is longer away, I am sure going in the cooler weather will be worth it. Oh and did an outfit update which I will do later on the "Creations for Curves" blog :)

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