Sunday, November 18, 2012

Today is the day that I....

I turn my life around, today will be a lazy day physically but a hard day mentally - today is the day I make some decisions, or at least plan 2013, like do I study or what...

Speaking of study, Summer Semester starts tomorrow, I am doing 2 papers, both are interests papers so am not stressing to much about it at this stage. Will I continue next year, well that will depend on how I went last semester and if I passed or not, there are so many what if's at the moment with study....

As for the Creations for Curves, well thats not even something to think about it will be happening, but not until early 2013, no use rushing it before Christmas and making silly mistakes because I want to get it in before Christmas. Even though I am doing the Creations for Curves, I am still wanting to get as healthy as I can and yes I will lose weight but it will be my way not everyone else's plan, we are all different and I need to do what will fit in with living with CRPS. I know I will never be a small size or in the so called "normal" sizes, but I would like to get down to about a size 18 for now. 

Weight wise, as a person said to me the way I am eating is not sustainable, which I know but for now I am just not going to stress over it till 2013. I know I will never go back to Weight Watchers, I have just sold all my WW gear on Trade Me and I refuse to pay any more money to WW again. I am pretty much eating mainly protein and natural foods, I will probably continue like this next year, but will have fruit, so no it wont be Low Carb, but will be mainly protein with fruit and veges. If I want some homemade bread or something once in a while I will, but I am hoping to make everything from scratch and will use it as a relaxation session rather than a chore. I am going to try new recipes and if they fail so be it :).

As for the CRPS, I am not going to deny that I am worried that it might have spread, or the meds are not working as well, cause the pain has come back, and the spasms in the afternoon/nights just tire me out so much.... but I can not dwell on that, I need to focus on what I can do and not what I can't do.... this will happen over time. 

Today I am going to change this blog around and also get the Creations for Curves looking good as well.... tomorrow I will start the study and hope that I don't get behind, I also have a volunteer type job, where I am going to email each MP and talk about CRPS, to many people are getting it and it can so much easily go into remission, if Doctors could pick it up straight away and not wait 3 years for a diagnosis, each specialist I saw, would see the ankle swollen and all lovely colors but because no x-rays picked it up I got told they didn't know what was wrong with it, if they had picked it up then, I might have been in remission now and not having it spread. I have a letter written up for me from a guy in the States who is doing this over there, we want to have an International CRPS/RSD month in November 2013, not just the USA. I will be writing to GP's/Health Boards/MP's/Radio and TV and who ever else. I just need to add my story to the letter, and then it will all be ready to go. There are to many people dying from this disease, either through the CRPS spreading through the body or suicide as they can no longer handle the pain anymore. 

And on that note that is me for the day, my hand is getting sore from typing....

Have a great Sunday all :)


  1. All the best with your letter, especially to GPs. They have so much information coming in but things like this are terribly important. I hope you can find a way to make your message eye catching.

    As for weight loss. I know I want to lose more but the most important thing is to eat for good health and you sound as though that's where you are at.

    With all that you have on, mental strength is so important and eating right is one of the keys.


  2. CHEERING! You're doing great, Jackie, it's so hard to find a realistic and positive perspective, well done. With an attitude like this you will make some serious progress towards those goals :D xx