Sunday, November 11, 2012

Today was.....

a day full of emotions, we went to the Mount on impulse, I had just had a small breakfast which I was struggling to keep down, but I was desperate to get out of the house.

     Steph drove her car over, which was fine, we got there just as the Farmers Market was finishing, but did manage to get a couple of chips of strawberries and 3 tomato plants to plant in the garden. We then went and had a look at the street shops, me being me - decided to walk instead of using the chair, the first few hundred meters was ok, as it was cool, I found a shop that sold bigger clothes tried on 1 top but not worth the $119 price tag, the one I really liked was $250 not what I could afford for a top, anyway after another couple of hundred meters I was screwed, I had overdone it, far out all I did was not even a 1km walk, I felt ill, I was so close to vomiting, I was dizzy and my ankle was so swollen and in so much pain, my left arm was burning up, I was sweating as well, and it was not even a hot day, I was spasming, - David and Steph both got concerned I was going to flake out, and to be truthful I was close to it.... we got back to the car, where I had an ice-cream to cool down, after about 30 minutes I started to come right, we then went out to lunch I ordered Pizza had 1 slice and the rest came home in a doggy bag, I can no longer eat much anymore, (Good thing the weight is coming down, without even trying lol), I know I said after the last outing I was going to use the chair, but I really wanted to be normal today and enjoy the trip....  

     But after today I have no option but to use the wheelchair.... as for my food, as I said I am not eating much my savior is Ice-cream and Ice-blocks. I have a small breakfast of maybe 1 egg, then I might have some fruit for lunch and ice-cream or ice-blocks for the rest of the day, for dinner I have a bit of protein and that's it. For now I am not to worried about the food, but if I get to run down I will need to look at supplements.  

     Today I got angry, I cried, I felt sorry for myself and then got over it...... CRPS has changed my life, I am never going to be the person I was, I need to accept that., time will do that. CRPS you do suck, and at the moment you are winning but the day will come where I will again win this battle.  

     Oh and we have changed our holiday to late July for 2 weeks, it will just be that little bit cooler and it also means we can do a whale watch, I am sure with this much notice the accommodation change will be fine :)

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  1. You did well toughing it out as well as you did.

    Sorry the pain and sickness has flared up so badly.

    We are home tonight and I'm rather tired. Sorr y we didn't try to catch up with you but thought you had enough going on this weekend and we were running tou of time and energy too.

    Hope tomorrow goes better for you as the temperature drops.