Monday, November 26, 2012

Yesterday we went.....

Out, yes you read right, I went out lol anyway we went to a gala it was nice, though the pusher of the wheelchair was not impressed pushing me in the uneven grass lol.... it was so hot and I was glad I had the chair, cause I got the shakes something chronic, but it was worth it to get out :).

A couple of pics, nothing to exciting, it wall arts and crafts, oh and a few animals :)

 The pot that Steph is holding is Chris's, any guess who he likes and what sort of music :)
And some lovely Alpaca's....

   After that we went to the mall and had lunch. Today I must study, no more mucking around, it is a bit of a cooler day here today :)

   Oh yeah my nail polish chipped off after 1 day, was not impressed but after reading Dr Google, I discovered it was because I was using cuticle oil, and now what I need to do, so will do that today maybe :).

A new post is in "Creations for Curves", go check it out :)

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