Monday, December 3, 2012

A nice weekend...

On Sunday we went to the lakeside market, I like it this time of year as there are a lot more stalls and it makes it worthwhile.... anyway just a few pics. 

The typical Rotorua T Shirts...

I liked these banner things... might grab a couple for around the house as the markets are here every weekend till Christmas. 
I always love the crystals, need a few more of these around the house. I need to cleanse the house still :)
We went for a coffee after and next door is this cool shop, love the stuff in there and love these that always sit outside. 
Ended up not getting the coke can the cues were to big and the heat was getting to me, and besides it was just a sticker so maybe I can print one for Chris and he won't even know lol. 
Need to brighten up the deck so purchased this little mushroom toadstool, want to get a few more bits and pieces for the deck as you see it from the lounge so want to brighten it up a bit. (notice the bird-wire on the strawberries lol) - hopefully we might actually get to eat some :)
And I fell in love with this picture, if it is still there next week just might have to purchase it, I love the colors and that will brighten up a room :)
Today I was suppose to study, but have I no, I have been doing housework, and being lazy in front of the TV, but will do some soon promise, after I have prepared dinner. 

I think the twins are coming home tomorrow, next time they go up will be at Christmas I think, which is only a few weeks away, most of the Christmas shopping has been done, just hoping the stuff I ordered from Etsy will arrive in time....

Oh yeah and one more thing I am giving up the DIET COKE, after this bottle is finished it will be water water and more water, with this heat I need to drink more water :), so watch out world as I go through the withdrawal symptoms lol


  1. Good on you giving up the diet coke - it is a rubbish drink!!! Water is much better for you :)

  2. The colour in that picture are bright and gorgeous. It's great having markets so close.

    I've gone cold turkey with coffee but never diet coke. The pepsi max have snuck it's way in again. Good luck:)