Monday, December 10, 2012

A strange few days, and I don't want a repeat please....

Last Saturday Steph was stopping on an orange light and a truck behind her thought she was going to go through, so he put his foot down to get through as well, but as she was slowing down he then tried to avoid her and swiped the back end of her, she spun around and the front then hit a barrier, she was very lucky, her seatbelt and head-rest saved her from any serious injury. Anyway her car has been written off and we have been paid out already well will be tomorrow anyway, pretty quick so thanks AA Insurance, well apart from the excess but that will be paid out once the police report has been sent, as it is the truck drivers fault. So we are now on the lookout for a new car for her. Her injury was whip-lash... Tomorrow we will go and check out the car and get any personal stuff left in it.

We are having our Christmas here next week Saturday on the 22nd, am looking forward to a nice relaxing day. We are not going overboard. I am knackered after waiting at A&E to get her checked out and also just the stress and then the relief of it all.

I am not sure if many people know but I tend to head towards the Wiccan way of life, and next year we are going to have our Christmas on summer solstice and we are going to have Wiccan decorations etc.... Also I am going to set up my alter again when I find my crystals which seemed to have disappeared, maybe I am meant to get new stuff lol.

I have some photos of the weekend and stuff but that will have to wait till I can be bothered putting them on the computer.

Our little garden is starting to go well, my dad made Chris a little hothouse for him to grow seedlings, he is loving pottering around outside, will take some photos and do a photo post in the next few days. Chico is getting her haircut, so she will look pretty for Christmas, and on Wednesday I am getting my hair done. So we will all look pretty for the day :)

Anyway am going to watch a bit of TV then hit the sack....

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  1. What a fright that must of been for Steph she no doubt will be sore and a bit bruised. Hope the next few dfays are calm and peaceful...

  2. Thank goodness Steph is not seriously hurt. What an awful shock for you all. I hope you can have a couple of days of complete rest. You need to as a shock like that can aggravate the CPRS.

    Trust your plans go well.


  3. Oh Jackie, that is so scary! I'm glad she is okay, even if her car isn't. She'll probably be sorer tomorrow. Hope you can both get some rest.

    Whenever I lose a crystal or something similar I always think that somebody else in the universe must have needed it more than me.

    Look forward to hearing more about your Wiccan celebration next year.

  4. Sorry to hear the car was written off but so thankful Steph wasn't badly injured


  5. Thank goodness for Seatbelts & Headrests in the car.I am pleased to know Steph is OK.

    You look after yourself Jackie and enjoy your quiet Xmas on the 22nd.

    Southgirl x

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