Thursday, December 13, 2012

Catch up.... and a few pics :)

Yesterday I got my hair done and colored, this time I went pink, the top one at the hairdressers, and the next one done the result :) Have not really styled the fringe properly so excuse that. 

Next time, just before my birthday I am going blonde, with a color in the fringe.can't wait for the blonde. loved it before and am sure I will love it again :).

This is the result of Steph's accident on the weekend, on Monday we went to A&E to get her checked out throughly, and it seems she got away with only a bit of whip-lash. the car was written of cause it was out of alignment, but the motor was still perfect etc... so no doubt they will sell of as much as they can. We have already been paid out for insurance except the excess, as we have to wait for the police report for that, but should not be a problem as the police at the scene said the truck driver was in the wrong. She was a very lucky girl, she has been for a couple of drives and still very scared but I am sure she will be fine soon. So her dad is checking out a few cars for her at the moment. 

So please please wear your seat-belts, it is what saved her, her seat broke off so she went backwards so the head rest saved her from possibly breaking her neck. No airbags went off which is interesting.

On Saturday we went to the local market, got some fruit and veges and some samosa's and that was  about it, it is a pretty pathetic market to others I have been too. Here we have the hot pool, you don't swim in it, you will burn yourself, some people have been killed by jumping in silly silly people. 

The next day we went to the Lakeside Market they have every 2nd weekend, but this time of year they have it weekly on the weekends. 

And last but not least the puppies - Chico had a haircut this morning, so she will enjoy the coolness now. 

And thats it from me for now.... 


  1. I love having fun with hair colour but I don't think I'm quite as 'out there' as you. I kind of like the pink but it is radical.

    The car is a mess and I agree Steph was so lucky.


  2. Wow somebody was watching over Steph and kept her safe.She is a very lucky lass.Good girl for getting back in the car and driving.
    Love the new hair colour.

    Southgirl x

  3. I am so glad Steph wasn't badly hurt, she must have gotten a hell of a shock.

    Not sure why they deducted the excess, she was hit in the rear and so her insurance company should have waived her excess immediately - no reason to wait for the Police report as the other person clearly in the wrong. At 16 Stephs excess will be quite a bit too. I think you should chase them up & get it paid asap.