Sunday, December 2, 2012


   I know most of the world already Instagrams, but me I am always later than the rest, anyway I have started, I am not really sure what it all is about at the moment, but hey I am having fun, so if you want to follow me click "here"

    Onto other things yesterday we took David's mum out for lunch that was nice, we went to "Ciccio's", and as per usual the food was awesome, we also went to the opening of "Animates", we scored a goodie bag with heaps and heaps of yummy pet stuff, spend $50 and get a $100 goodie bag, well worth it, yes I should have instagramed it next time :), it will take a while to get into the habit of instagramming everything lol. At the opening they had some sheep who were so bloody hot....

 Inside the shop is like every other Animates.... a bit like Briscoes unless they have a sale I won't be shopping there :)
 The kittens were cute but they grow up to be cats and bird hunters, if they wouldn't catch birds and other living things I would love one, it is bad enough Chico brings in the odd baby bird that has fallen out of it's nest :(. And as we have lots of native birds in the tree's there is no way I am going to risk it. 

   Oh yeah I won this the other day, it is from "Sorbet", it is a natural shampoo block, and they threw in some free mineral eye-shadow which I can not wait to try. I also got a natural block for Chris but his is wrapped under the tree. Got to like it when you win some of the Christmas presents. Check them out they have awesome stuff :)

   Today the coke truck is here and Chris want's me to go and get a coke can named Rasta, might go will see how busy it is.... I am not really a person that likes to stand in cues but it would make a nice pressie for under the tree :), he loves anything Rasta, and I mean anything lol. Have no idea what else is  happening today, maybe some study and a day at home watching some movies, sounds quite nice :)


  1. LOl about the cat bringing in things. My boy Riddick is a natural hunter and last week he brought in a huge rat(dead thankfully)........ he brings in birds, mice, and even frogs.....usually alive!!!

  2. That's very funny about your cat. He sounds like 'Slinky Malinki' - such a great little book. I didn't know you could go to a coke truck and get a name printed on a bottle. We certainly don't have that kind of service here! xx

  3. I got both my kids names put on coke cans. You could only get one at a time so I had to queue twice. Since they both have unusual names & in the case of my son, a made up name, it was the only chance they had. Good stocking stuffers:-)

  4. The mineral eyeshadow is a great colour. I love grey on eyes.

    I was saving one of the coke bottles with my name on it and my husband not only drank it but threw the bottle out. He's lucky I love him!