Sunday, December 16, 2012

Roll on 2013....

Anyone would think it was Christmas, Rotorua township is quite boring I feel, we have a tree in the centre of town and thats about it, well I really noticed. Maybe it is nicer at night, not sure if they light it up at night, probably not cause it would no doubt get vandalized..... :(. 

Anyway today was quite cool first thing, so we went down to the lakefront market, was nice - I felt better after a bit of a walk.... have been feeling really nauseous again lately. There were cute little ponies :)
Apart from the outside stalls, there is a building with inside stuff/junk.... :)
A little bit of jewelry.....
I purchased, no David purchased me this little bag, it holds my iphone perfect :), I purchased the two pairs of earrings, had I waited till I had done the whole thing I would have found them 50c cheaper lol.... still a good buy I feel at $2.50 each :)
The local police.... we need them here in Rotorua, actually I am probably making it sound really bad here, it isn't quite that bad, but I still don't like it, can not wait till we head back towards a beach somewhere :)
After that we went to Solace for breakfast, I had eggs and bacon on toast, they have these $10 meals on a Sunday, it is not huge but for me it was just the right size, and seeing as I had taken the nausea tablet I actually enjoyed it :)
Then the best part, we were at the chemist getting the 20 million prescription pills and while looking around I found this fantastic bag and wallet set... I couldn't afford it but my David got it for me.
Today we had a nice couple of hours out, we didn't disagree and it was pleasant, just what I needed. I hope we can have a few more of these hours together, where things just flow.... 


  1. Glad you had a good morning luv the bag :)

  2. A lovely morning by the sounds of it. Make sure you rest up this afternoon so your body can recover.