Monday, December 31, 2012

Well here we are, Nearly 2013

The last day of 2012, it has been a year of ups and downs, the CRPS has gotten so much worse this year, I am hoping 2013 will be the year I get some better mobility back... the last few days the nausea has gone from bad to worse, the only thing I seem to be able to eat and not feel to bad is ice-blocks. Anyway a new year begins tomorrow, I doubt very much I will make it to midnight, I never do and it really is just another night, except I have made some new goals for 2013, so lets talk about those :)

  1. I am going to be doing a photo a day, I am going to be following fat mum slim's photo a day, the first one for tomorrow is TODAY :)
  2. The next goal is that I have purchased a jar, and I am going to write the good things down that happen throughout the year and this time next year on New Years Eve I will read them all, I think we forget the good thingds that happen when you live in constant pain it tends to overpower everything.
  3. We are still planning our trip to the Gold Coast in July, I am really hoping I will be well enough to go and this brings me onto the next goal...
  4. Weight, all I am aiming for is that I weigh less at the end of the year than I do at the beginning of the year :), for this to happen I need to focus on the next goal....
  5. Exercise, I know I am very limited but I am going to start back on the Exercycle and also the Swiss-ball, to regain some of the balance I have lost...
  6. Friends is a biggie for me, I feel like, actually I have lost a lot of friendships because of the CRPS and other things, but I have also met some awesome new people through Facebook and I am going to work on those friendships becoming stronger :) 
So no real big goals, just small ones to work on, and maybe this time next year things just may be a little different to where I am at this year.  

And this is it from me for 2012, I really hope I don't feel like this, this time next year, I am so close to vomiting it is not funny Night Night all and stay safe and see you next year xx


  1. Wishing you a happier New Year and the freedom to reach your goals.

    I'm going to bed as soon as the people stop letting off fireworks. All around us. I don't mind them until a big banger has me leaping with fright. Lots of pretty stars are good.

    See you sometime next year.


  2. Happy New Year & I am looking forward to you having a great year in 2013. Goodness knows you deserve it.

  3. Happy new year :) look forward to going into 2013 with you :)


  4. Happy New Year Jackie.Hoping 2013 is a kinder one to you.

    Southgirl x

  5. Happy New Year Jackie positive vibes comming your way ***** 2013 is going to be a good one