Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2nd day of 2013

Today's photo theme is "Something New" so today we went shopping and I purchased some things... Some candles, a new bag to replace the one that broke, nothing like it though :(, but it fits the ipad nicely and it is long enough to cross over, plus a couple pair of sandals as this is all I can wear in the summer.

Today we went to Bayfair shopping mall at the Mount about an hours drive from Rotorua, I walked around the mall, and did not need to use the wheelchair yay.... But was stuffed and pretty sick on the way home, the first thing I did when I got home was have an ice-block, ice-blocks are the only thing I can eat when nauseous. I went with David and Chris, Steph is still in Auckland till Saturday, then Chris will go for about a week.

Today was a lovely day and I am pleased as it would have been Mum's birthday today, I still miss her so much.

Weight: I weighed in yesterday and put on 300 grams over Christmas, I can handle that.... I am not going to stress over the weight, I am happy the weight is coming off slowly and that's mighty fine by me.

Tomorrow will be another nice day, we are meeting Lee-Anne and Mr T for lunch, then hopefully a stroll around the market after that. Friday no plans and Saturday heading to Hamilton to swap the kids over and bring Stephs new car down :).

Catch you all tomorrow :)

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  1. Good luck with your weigh-ins for 2013. Say hello to Lee-anne - I hope you have a nice day. I met up with Anne (MargieAnne) today which was lovely.