Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I hate having no-one here through the day, Chris is still in Auckland, Steph is out and about in her car, and David is back at work..... I do have the two puppies though... speaking of puppies, we are not sure what is up with Chico, first of she still hiccups all the time, we thought it had stopped but it hasn't, the vet said if it continues we may need to get her checked out properly, the other thing is lately she has been having these really massive twitching sessions in her sleep, last night was extremely bad, it is like she is having seizures, we try and wake her but she does not really wake up... apparently if it is a dream they will wake up but with her it takes a bit of time till she responds.... she must have done it 20 times last night, I couldn't sleep cause I was so worried about her it is really strange, I am hoping it is nothing and just dreams but hell it is a lot of dreams she is having in a night lol...... yes she sleeps on the bed thats how we notice, today she has not done much except sleep, poor little Miss Chico. I hope I am just being a paranoid mum..... :)

Anyway onto the photo a day theme, and todays theme, is "SOMETHING BEGINNING WITH 'T'", so I decided to take a photo of the tree that broke with the winds we have been having....

Just been outside and there are heaps of branches just hanging there, we may have to get someone in..... they are 2-3 times higher than the house and overhang the house as well some of them. 

Anyway thats about it from me today, just been mucking around at home, oh and cleaned out my sons room, interesting stuff I found lol......


  1. I do hope Chico has no more of those episodes. They sound alarming.

    I love being on my own but the first few days after having someone around can be horrible. I long for peace and quiet then miss them like mad.H

    Hope tomorrow is better.


  2. I hope Chico is fine.

    I LOVE being home by myself, I can't actually remember the last time that actually happened.

    Ewww cleaning out teenage boys rooms - you brave brave woman.

  3. Ditto on being alone. I do hope Chicco is OK and you get to the bottom of what is wrong.