Monday, January 14, 2013

Another boring photo

Everyday I think I will do an awesome photo, then before I know about it the day has come to an end nearly, and then I just take whatever.... But tomorrow I promise to take something exciting and the theme for tomorrow is "SOMETHING ORDINARY" today's theme is "SOMETHING YELLOW" so here it is..... I made it as yellow as I could lol, actually I kinda feel embarrassed with the photos I have been taking, lets hope the photos improve as the year goes on, else I will lose the few fans I currently have.

But I do have a good excuse, I had an assignment due by 5pm so that took all my day to complete. Apart from that not much else happened.

Anyway catch you tomorrow, and condolences to Anne on the loss of her friend.

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  1. Don't worry about quality Jackie. At least you are doing it and sticking to your plan. I know that there are many days when I do not want to get the camera out and so I depend on achived photos. Sometimes I feel lazy about doing this but if my headspace is not right it just gets a bit much.

    Everything you do is a positive step.


  2. I must say I loved the BLUE hair BUT love the PINK hair better, will wait to see the Blonde.