Saturday, January 5, 2013

Another great day....

Today we did a twin swap, Chris went up to Auckland and Steph came home, she drove her car home, it is quite a nice car, not as nice as her last car but not bad for a 17 year old girl :)

Anyway in Hamilton we went to The Base - a shopping mall.... While there I found this awesome backpack bag, and being obsessed with handbags I just had to get it and it was 50% off, can't let a bargain like that go by. We then went to Save-mart at the same mall, and purchased some makeup, 2 eyeshadows and some metallic nail polish, have had it done before when I got my nails done, but am going to try and do it myself :). In the other photo is Chris being Father Christmas :) 

So a lovely day was had by all, I used the wheelchair for some of it and walked some of it, a nice balance :).

Day 5 photo of the day had the theme of "MOVEMENT", decided to take one of us driving in the car, though you can't actually see movement in the photo, it was the only thing I could think off :)


  1. Iy's good to hear you had a lovely day. Beautiful weather here. Not looking to going to Mystery Creek tomorrow. Hoping we miss the rain that's forecast because the traffic will be awful.


  2. That's a good shopping bounty!

    Love the colours and tint on the movement photo.