Sunday, January 13, 2013

Another warm one.....

This weekend has involved lots of decluttering, two cupboards done in the hallway, heaps to the recycling place and the good stuff to the op shop..... It has only taken us 3 years to do this lol.

Today's theme for photo of the day is "CIRCLE" so I choose this one :)

Went to the markets this morning before it got to hot, I purchased a stylus pen for my iPad/iPhone, I think I like it :).

Oh yeah since I have changed my hair to pink, I have had so many compliments on my hair, it is really nice to hear these compliments, I used to just get all embarrassed now I smile and say thank you :). Can't wait to go blonde soon, I am thinking of using the colour whiter shade of pale which is like a light purple.... And doing highlights all over. I am getting it done end of Feb, can't wait then I think I will stay blonde :).

Anyway that's it from me for now, think we are going out for dinner tonight - catch you tomorrow with the photo theme "something yellow".

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  1. Love having fun with hair colour. I think I'll leave mine to early March as it wll be closer to the time we travel but who knows. I might have some in-between fun.

    Clear blue skies. Thank goodness for sea breezes. I wish someone I now would win Lotto and buy our Beach House so we can continue to visit. *smiles* We are trying too but keep coming up with ;Not a winning ticket; What's with that?


  2. I love when we manage to get 'stuff' cleared out / away - very cathartic I find !!
    Have the best week !