Sunday, January 6, 2013

Back to work tomorrow for David....

I suppose it had to happen, have been having a pretty good time with him and the kids...... but someone has to work, until I can get back on the payroll, thank god for ACC is all I can say :)

Anyway todays photo of the day theme is "MINE" so I got 4 photos of things that are mine which I love for many reasons. 

The four things are my coffin, which opens up and has draws and stuff in it, I love the red roses on it and I have a matching angel, below is a love rock that was given to me by David, simple but I love it, and the other picture is my 3 candles surrounded by a few shells, when I look at it at night with the candles glowing it brings a smile to my face...
I started my jar, where I place things in it that are positives, well when I mean things I write on a piece of paper things that have been good for me... and on New Years Eve 2013 I will go through and reread them :)
Today was a nice day, we went out for breakfast, then had a look at Harvey Norman, I drooled over the air-books and Apple stuff... wishing we could have won a little bit in lotto.... but not to be this week, so in the meantime I will keep drooling...

Have had a nice few days with David, we needed it, Tuesday or Wednesday Steph and I will have a girly day out over at the Mount or Tauranga..... need to get back into the study this week as well..... 

Have a nice night all :)

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  1. It will seem weird after having David at home for the last weeks or so. You sound so much better it must have done you both good for hom to be on holiday.

    Love the idea of your photo essays and the positive jar. Great stuff.