Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bet you thought....

I was not going to do a post today, well I am and here it is. First of the photo of the day theme is "READY", so my ever exciting photo is....

Yip the dishwasher had finished and was READY to put the dishes away.... Told you it was exciting, tomorrows theme is "SHADOW", will try and get something a bit more adventurous promise :)

Downloaded this app and have been fiddling with photo's I like this one, and will have so much fun with playing with it, but only after the assignment is done :)

Tomorrow will be study, study, study - have a huge assignment due Saturday night. Maybe if I get it finished on time, we might do something on Sunday :)

Anyway am tired now so I am of to go and push up some ZZZZZZ's night night :)

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