Sunday, January 20, 2013

Better late than never.... and UPDATED :)

Ok I didn't manage to get a post in yesterday but ended up being really ill, not sure why, but then I know longer question the why's and what's when it comes to CRPS anymore. 

The photo of the day was themed "Delicious" and I did this, for me anything with coconut in is delicious :)

Today's theme is "SOMETHING YOU SAW" - will probably add it todays post later on :)

Today we are off to the lakeside market, as I won a necklace on Trade Me for a whole $1 brand new too, good score, and she has a stall at the markets :)

After reading "Marge's post" this morning it got me thinking, and I think what David and I need to do without the kids, is go one day a month for a day road trip... and check out all the little places we have in New Zealand that we normally drive through cause we are always on a time frame and do not have time to stop and look around. So I think what we might do is name 6 places each and see if we can do them over the next 12 months.... it will give us some quality time together and will also get us out of the  boring hole of Rotorua, I really don't know why people live here.... ok well I live here but that was for 1 reason only, and I also know that when David retires we will be out of here to our dream place by the beach somewhere :)

Anyway time to get back into my assignment, have a lovely Sunday all :)

Yesterday we went out for lunch to a cafe that normally is really good, but yesterday the service was disgusting... anyway we were by the window looking at the view which made up for it, till a wasp kept hanging around and freaking out Steph lol... so we moved away from the window.

A not so nice pic of me squinting lol
 A not so nice pic of David squinting :)

 Practicing with the Panorama with the iphone, me thinks I need a bit more ok a lot more practice.... :)

Today we went to a car show, some beautiful cars there.....

And then last but not least todays photo of the day theme is "SOMETHING YOU SAW"and I came up with this :)
And on that note I better do something constructive with myself... before I crash :)


  1. Do you live in Rotorua? I love it there! I'd love to take my family to see that part of NZ. Sorry to hear you have been ill. I think that idea of setting aside a day to explore somewhere new is a great idea - we are all guilty of never spending the time to see the area where we live xx

  2. I love coconut too EXCEPT in cherry ripes - I don't like cherry ripes !!!
    Sounds like you had a great day. Those cars certainly look like people love them dearly.
    Have the best week and hope you are feeling a little better !

  3. I love the pink it is bright vibrant nad punchy in your face colour, I loved Rotorua when living there and I actually love the shopping there too funny but I also love Bayfair and Tirau.