Friday, January 4, 2013

Day 4 already......

Where on earth are these days going too..... anyway todays photo of the day theme is "THE VIEW FROM HERE", so i decided to do the view from my desk and the little deck

We look onto native bush.....,
I do love my VW combi vans, and if I had married a mechanic, I might just have owned one, but I didn't so can only dream about having one if i ever win lotto, which is unlikely to happen as I don't normally buy lotto tickets. Anyway this is my collection only small but am getting there bit by bit....

My money box, my iPhone 5 case, which arrived today from ETSY, and my car key ring, and below I have my salt and pepper set, I also had a calendar last year which I am going to frame some of the pictures.... I also have a chopping board with a picture on and am going to get the matching placemats and coasters next. I love the combi van cause it reminds me of the beach and freedom...

Today was another pleasant day, we went out for lunch with David's mum, David, his sister and his niece, and Chris and I. Was spur of the moment but nice :).
Tomorrow we are off to Hamilton to swap the twins over, and will get to see Steph's new car that she got while up there. Lets hope this one does not get written of so quick lol.
A nice day here today weather wise, quite cool so that suits me just fine, had a good nana nap this afternoon, feel much better with that :).
Anyway that's me tomorrow's photo theme is movement, I am sure I can find something for tomorrow while out and about.


  1. Wow love the combi van thing.thats awesome. will keep my eye out in future for you. I missed most of today, had to work. bummer. Monday ain't going to be so flash either as the bosses wife's mum passed away yest so have to go to a funeral on Monday.

    Hope today was a good day for you,

    PS: I love popsicles too/

  2. Your post sounds so positive - good to hear that things are going so well for you !
    Have the best weekend !

  3. Samuels friends father has an orange and white combi van and we bought him a van keyring just like yours but in orange They have a van and 2 VW bugs!!