Saturday, January 12, 2013

Hot Hot Hot....

But not as hot as Aussie :)

Todays photo theme is "surprise", was going to do something exciting but it was to hot to think of anything so instead you get this one..... Miss Chico :)

The filter didn't work out like I wanted but it was to hot to change it lol :) Oh yeah and if anyone wants to join in the photo a day I am doing it with "Fat Mum Slim" ..... if you want to join in :)

My purchases yesterday are the following 3 pairs of earrings for $8.00 and 1 desktop calendar for $6, got to love bargains :)

Today has consisted of cleaning out the hall cupboard and taking it to the recycling and second hand shop, so another cupboard done, slowly getting through them all :)

Anyway thats it from me for today, oh yeah we did go out for lunch which was nice, went Indian, and have enough left over in doggy bags for dinner, so don't need to cook yay :)

Have a nice night all, and tomorrows theme for photo of the day is "CIRCLE" - maybe tomorrow I just might get more adventurous :)


  1. Beautiful evening here with very light cooling breeze but still too warm to be in bed

    Have a great day tomorrow


  2. Weather cooled a bit here, still warm though.

    Love the colours in the middle pair of earrings. :-)