Friday, January 25, 2013

I have been.......

Just fixed the links, so all working now :) - and welcome Maira to my blog, have liked your Facebook page, Maria also has CRPS. 

Not well and busy, I had assignments to get done, which meant everything else had to take a back seat. Caught up with the photos of the day today so will start by posting them here.... The first one is "CORNER".... So this is the corner of our house as you walk in the front door.

The next day was "ELECTRIC" so here I have these red light things I like.

The next day was "STRIPES" so I did a tea-towel....

And then today's is "LANDSCAPES".....

Yesterday the kids went to Auckland to their dads for the long weekend, will be nice for David and I to have a weekend together, then they start back at school on Thursday, these holidays have gone so fast.

Well the trip to Aussie is going ahead, paid for the tickets, insurance and rental car, the other day. A bit scary am really hoping the CRPS does not flare up, so that means we have about 6 months till we go, so I really need to kick some of this weight to the curb, and get as fit as possible, we are taking the wheelchair as well. So anybody living in the Gold Coast area want to catch up we will be there from the 27th July - 10th August. We will have some days where we are doing quiet stuff so those days would be cool to catch up with people.

I have been doing some reviews on makeup, will do those on the weekend, I have also started ordering a monthly makeup box where you get stuff to try... First one should arrive early next month, I know in other countries it is nothing new but in little old NZ it is just starting to take off, Steph (daughter) is also doing one but a different one. I am doing the Goodie Box, click "here" .

Found another cool website called 3G Teak... Link is "here". It sells Combi stuff to match my salt and pepper set.

After reading a blog and pinching their idea and I am going to set myself up a little corner with a cute desk and a few little things and it will be my little relaxing area, where I can relax and blog etc, without getting distracted by study etc....I can use it to read a book or whatever.

We have this place in Rotorua where they sell the best pizzas out, it is called The Pizza Library, we had that for dinner last night, it is a cute place with lost of knick knacks... Here are a couple of pics...

It has hundreds of books and heaps of stuff that I think is so cool, it is a real tiny place and boy it is so hot in there.... But man they make the most huge pizzas ever... And so yummy.

Anyway that's it from me of, to watch another episode of "Catfish" a TV program about online dating, we watch it online, it is quite funny lol.

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  1. You certainly have been busy. I am amazed at what you have managed to do in spite of not being well.

    Hope you have a terrific weekend.

    Glad you have decided to go on your trip to Aussie. It will be something exciting to look forward to.