Thursday, January 31, 2013

OMG it is not end of January already....

Right first things first, photo of the days.....
First up we have for the 29th Jan "GROW"

The next photo is Jan 30th we have "DOWN", so I did a photo of looking down the steps.... lol, yeah a pretty pathetic attempt.

And finally onto today's one which is "YOURSELF"

So 1 month down and did it everyday even though the odd one was late. My excuse is I have not been feeling well.... Well I haven't :).
Right next main thing, I am over bloody spam comments, so I am going to have to set up the word verification.... Sorry folks, but I am sure you will all still love me.
Now for another photo which I am excited about, I have been wanting one of these for months, finally got my act together and got a hand piece for my iPhone...I hated talking through the phone, so this has solved my problem :)

Now onto something that was really cool that happened this morning, I had entered a competition for these ballet type shoes and mentioning that was the only type of shoe I can wear thanks to the CRPS, well I didn't win but someone who saw my comment has offered to buy me a pair, I have a fairy godmother :), anyway here they are:

They will look very cute on my feet :).
Next thing I am thinking well hoping that they want me anyway, volunteering to help organise the Rotorua Zombie Walk, they have yearly and raise money for brain injury.
I was going to do the reviews today on a couple of things I have trialled but they can wait until tomorrow.... As I am now tired.
Catch you all tomorrow :)

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  3. OMG love the photo of you Jaxx! You look so good, and the hair color is fantastic!!!