Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The first day of 2013....

And today's photo theme is "Today"... So I chose this picture a calendar of January 2013, after all it has today in it :). The calendar was given to us for Christmas from David's sister.

Today I have enjoyed some time outside in the shade, as we have had rain, rain and more rain lately, it was really nice to be out there for a bit, this is what I see when I sit on the small deck :)

And how we could forget little Chico

So Day 1 has been nice, though I was not well enough to go anywhere, I still enjoyed just relaxing at home, am hoping tomorrow we can get out for a bit.
Oh and remember that handbag I got a couple of weeks ago, in a post below somewhere, well the bag broke, the handle came undone ;(.... I kept the wallet though still but I really wanted that handbag, oh well was not meant to be. Maybe I am going to find a better one somewhere soon :).
Anyway hope you all had a good first day of the year, catch you later :)

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