Tuesday, January 15, 2013

This time 2 years ago.....

The weather was a hell of a lot better than today thats for sure, actually it was 2 years ago David and I got married :), and tomorrow is David's birthday, we are keeping it all low key as we are still saving for the trip to Aussie later in the year :)

Todays photo theme for the day is: "An Ordinary Moment" I choose this, as study is just an ordinary moment for me :) Tomorrows theme is "Two Things" - hmmm wonder what two things I can think off :)
Tonight David and I might go out for dinner, not sure will see how we feel later.

I am not sure if I have mentioned this before but though it is used for lymphedema I am sure people with CRPS could use it.... check out the site "here". I think they are better than the plain ones I wear in the winter... spoke with my hand therapist about it this morning, and she thinks they look ok, the only concern is that they are not long enough to go over the fingers.... but I think I will try one and see how it goes anyway. Here is a sample of a couple of them...

Tomorrow I am going to redo the pink in my hair, it has nearly all come out, the pink lasts nearly 3 weeks, heaps longer than the blue/purple. I still can not believe how many compliments I have gotten with my hair, it really is a good pick me up  :)

Anyway off to have lunch and then some more study, have a great day all :)


  1. Happy Anniversary to you!!

    Those armbands look cool so it would be great if they helped you as well.

    Have a nice dinner if you go out:)

  2. Fun armbands. I hope they do work for you.

    Happy Anniversary and Many Happy Returns for David's birthday too.


  3. Happy Anniversary !!!! I hope you have a wonderful evening and celebration !!
    Have the best day ever !