Friday, January 11, 2013


Photo of the day theme is "WATER". I was going to take a picture of the sea at the Mount, but we never got to see any water sad aye... ;(. So instead when I got home I took this photo and used it....
Yip real exciting stuff I know... tomorrow's theme is "SURPRISE" - hmmm wonder what surprise I will photograph ;)

This afternoon Steph and I went to Bayfair (A shopping mall at Mount Maunganui), we had a bit of a look around, scored a couple of bargains which I will show tomorrow and that was about it. 

Steph's car that got written off, we found out got sold at auction for $300, hell we would have paid for it at that price, and sold the bits separately oh well.... still waiting on the excess payout..... hopefully the next week or so.... just wish they would hurry up.

Chris is still in Auckland and coming home on Sunday I think. Oh and did a post on "Creations for Curves" click "here" to check it out :) 

Anyway thats it from me for now, have a great weekend all and catch you tomorrow :)

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  1. Mr T had his first session with the hand therapist today and was very impressed. Has a splint with instructions. I think he might just use it this time. hope you are all good.