Monday, January 7, 2013

Wow 1 week already gone...

Weigh in today for me and the scales are showing a loss of 1.4kilos for the first week, am not complaining about that :). Today I even did this.....

Yes I rode the Exercycle, only a short burst but have to start somewhere again..... I am planning to do it 3 times a week minimum, and at least 2 times a week some balancing and stuff on the swiss-ball, as I am very unbalanced, something I need to work on. I need to be as fit as possible for the trip in 6 months :)

Todays photo theme is "STREET" so I took this..... our street from the mailbox :)

Did my magnetic nail polish the other day, looked pretty crappy so was in Farmers yesterday and had $20 on my beauty club card so I purchased this: Sally Hansen Magnetic nail color - Red-y-Response, it also come with an instruction brochure so now I know how to do it properly. 

Anyway the result is this, please excuse the untidiness of the nails will come of in the shower :)

Back into study again this week..... fun NOT!!!, actually I do enjoy it when I am on top of things, I was going to withdraw from 1 paper as I was behind, but emailed the lecturer and he has said I can still send the assignment in  :)

Here are a couple photo's of Stephs car she has now..... It is a Toyota Levin, small but big enough for her. 

And finally one of little Miss Chico, looking cute as ever :)

Oh yeah here is something for the CRPS people or in fact anyone else who deals with pain day in and day out.... "Chronic Pain Management Guided Mediation", check it out :)

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