Friday, January 18, 2013

Wow where is January going too....

I can not believe where this month is going to.... holy cow the kids are back at school in a couple of weeks. 

Today have not been up to much plodding my way through the assignments due in.... slowly but surely I will win the race :)

Todays photo theme is "SHADOW" so I did this, I really must motivate myself more to take better pictures....  I decided to do 4 photos of different things and shadows just because I could, tomorrows theme is "DELICIOUS" hmmmm will really try and do something nice :)
I have discovered these new apps on the app store and am loving playing with them.... can't wait till I have more time to play with them properly. 

Still concerned about Miss Chico, she still hiccups to much, and she does some weird things, the vet is slightly concerned and I think we maybe looking at an ultrasound in the near future for her, nothing to panic about at this stage :), just monitor and write down how often we see the hiccups and those weird seizures type things she does. Might even try and video them.

Next week I have decided I am going to do a vlog on here, also am thinking about closing the other blog for now, till I get the business up and running, as I have not really got the time to run two blogs at the moment....will think about it some more over the weekend :)

Anyway have a great weekend all, I will be doing the assignments so nothing exciting happening here :)

1 comment:

  1. Do hope Miss Chico gives up the hiccups.

    As for January .... The time elves are pinching it, a little each day.