Sunday, January 27, 2013


Things are changing this year, out with old and in with the new :)... In all aspects of my life, more on that later.

Yesterday we purchased a small bookshelf and desk for my little corner, have set it up and quite happy with it, has my laptop on it, it is the corner I will use for fun things etc, hell I might even start a hobby in the corner lol, and the iMac will be used for study and things that are not quite so relaxing :).Will take a photo tomorrow of the area, we also went and looked at shops for printers.... Found a couple I like but need to save up for it.

Anyway I obviously did to much yesterday and last night I paid for it, with pain and tears.... The tears because I really didn't do much but with CRPS it was to much, today I am also paying for it.... It scares me that this is what it is going to be like for Aussie, but I need to focus on the positives and how I can help change it, first being going back to a healthy eating programme, though I am losing weight, it is not a healthy way of losing it... So 6 months till the trip and I am going to focus on using that time positively.

Anyway dinner is calling so catch you tomorrow maybe or Tuesday at the latest with photo a day catch ups, tomorrow we are going to pick up the kids :).

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  1. Six months is enough time to make a real change - don't procrastinate, do it!! If you don't then it will be five months then four... do it now and good luck. I am 100% sure that your pain and health will be vastly improved by a change to better eating. I was watching Paula Abdul the other week talking her illness (same as you) and how food has been her greatest help.

    Good luck :)