Wednesday, February 13, 2013

27 hours to go...

And my exam will be finished and I get a break of 5 days..... I am not really prepared for the exam and hoping I can just wing it...

Photos of the day - Feb 11th was entrance, this is the entrance into our house

The 12th was Where I had lunch, well with exams due, I ate it while studying :)

Moving on if you have been reading you would know I ordered a GoodieBox, this is where you pay a monthly amount and they send you a box of sample and the odd full size makeup thing, well I got this in my box
A MOR Basil and Grape hand-cream, it is really nice and non-greasy and it smells divine, to be honest this is the only thing I have used from the box so far, and I have actually cancelled the GoodieBox it as I think I can spend my $30 better, I might look at it again once I see what others are getting....

Here is a picture of the sunflower, not a good one mind you, as it was windy and the flower was facing the wrong way, might do a better one today.
Also I told you I had won a planner that I could design from a blog it was from "Personal-Planner" well it is bloody awesome, I am going to get one every year but next time I will be more adventurous with my designing  - anyway I highly recommend them, it is good quality and arrived within 7 days.

You can place birthdays in it...
 You can place your name on the front or even a photo, you can decide from 4 different sizes :)
 You can choose how you want it set up inside :)
 And you can choose color etc....
I had heaps of fun designing it, and can't wait to design the next one and oh you can start from any month, so I started from April to April 2014.... I wish I had done it from MArch but there could have been a 3 week wait so took it from April, oh well :)

Oh yeah I have been increasing my exercise a bit, I have taken Chico for a walk - only a little one but still a walk, and I have been using the Exercycle again :).

Anyway I am going to sign of now and have a shower and study my butt off today and blogger is playing up something chronic and I don't want to lose this post again!!!!!


  1. Hope you sleep well and are relaxed for your test tomorrow.

    Planner looks like a fun way to keep everything together.


  2. I hope your exam went well !!!!
    I LOVE my personal planner. I ordered one last year in July - they have made so many changes since then I can't wait to order my next one - it is just fantastic !
    Have the best day !