Saturday, February 23, 2013

A lesson I have Learnt...

Over the last little while I have seen how messages over the internet, well more the written over the internet has been misconstrued in many blogs, but after reading Margies post this morning, it helped me come to a decision (I hope you don't me mentioning it), I have decided that my friends are now going to be getting regular phone-calls from me, ok not weekly or anything but sometimes rather than just the net, I think it is about time I go back to the basics with friends and talk to them rather then message or txt all the time. The call might only be a minute or so just to say Hi, am thinking of you or it may be a good old catch-up. 

Anyway photos of the day - yesterdays one was "MAKES YOU SMILE" well this little puppy makes me smile a hell of a lot. 

And below, it has not come out as good as i liked.... but todays one is "WORD" I used the word as GOAL and then did words around it for goals I want to achieve over the next 12 months. 
David got his petrol vouchers yay and shared them with me, bloody awesome win there for him. Oh and I won a nail thingee from a place in Auckland and Steph is going to use that hopefully this weekend, as she is up in Auckland and not coming back to Tuesday afternoon as she is doing this horse riding thing. 

Oh and I am not doing this on Dragon Dictation, do not have time, as David and I are going to Tauranga to the farmers market and to Bayfair for a nosey, really looking forward to getting out and better still petrol is free now ;)

Anyway thats it from me for now, have a lovely Saturday :)

Oh and this weekend David and I are going to write up food options for breakfast, lunch etc for low carb, so he we do not need to think, it will all be written down the ideas and he, we can choose of the list or make sure we are prepared if it requires preparation :)


  1. Glad you mentioned my run in with on-line misunderstandings etc. Thanks and enjoy yur phone calls.

    Living with chronic pain is one of the most difficult things. It is extremely tiring even without adding in the way medication affects you. Pain can sour and embitter people. it makes you depressed and feel as though nothing is worth the effort.

    I want to tell you how proud I am to know you because your efforts to live well take a HUGE amount of determination and mental energy.

    All the best as you and David work out your menus and shop. I'm sure you can reverse his medical diagnosis given you usual determination and a little time.

    It's a lovely day here so hope you are enjoying your day out.


  2. Love the Goals :) have a great day out today, take it easy and have fun


  3. My responsibility if I've said too much.

    I know I run the risk of someone knowing someone who knows us but it's not very likely and all this upset is part of my life and working through to being a healthier person.

    So it's OK Jackie.

    I was quite chuffed that you mentioned me. *smile*