Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Today I've decided to dictate this blog post and see how it goes, and so far so good.

First of we have photo of the day:

 Today's theme is "QUIET", and I have chosen the toilet because it's about the only place that you get peace and quiet in our house when everyone is home. 

Don't really have a lot to blog about today, but am happy to say that I am on top of all my studies two days in. I just hope that it continues this way, and the Dictaphone is starting to work really well I did an essay on it today and it was so much easier than having to type it out.

Steph is comming back from Auckland today, Chris is not going to school any more, he is doing correspondence one day a week through the Wairaki Institute, and Tuesday will be Gateway where he will do one day a week with work experience, and the other three days he will be doing automative, carpentry, and engineering through Wairaki as well. Wish I had  known earlier because I had just bought a brand-new school uniform which is only worn twice bugger.

I have just heard from my  pain specialist, and because the pain is increasing lately I am going to up my meds a little bit and see if it works.

Anyway that's it from me, the dictation had a couple of errors, but all in all it went really well, and I am certainly going to use it all the time from now on.

Have a great day all :-)


  1. What an awesome idea!! The dictaphone! :) Good work on keeping up with the studies... I'm a terrible procrastinator :(

  2. So glad to hear that the dictaphone is working well - I am sure it will be a huge help to you.
    Have a great day !