Saturday, February 9, 2013

Is it really Saturday....

Ok first of photos of the day.....  this was suppose to be the 5th, though I put the wrong date on, but could not be bothered changing it... anyway it was "SOMETHING I SMELLED", so I chose Chico as she had just come back from the groomers and smelt beautiful.... :) 
Next up for the 6th Feb we have something "SOFT"... I choose my little blood soft toy I got for giving blood, something I can no longer do thanks to CRPS and the meds I am on :(.
On the 7th Feb we had "YOUR NAME" - so I did my name just because :)
Next up was the 8th Feb, and it was "SOMETHING ORANGE", so I did my favorite orange nail polish, ok well my only orange nail polish :)
There you go, though I had not done a blog post on them I still had them on instagram every day.... well close to daily anyway :)

Am sitting at home currently waiting to see if Steph has passed a warrant on her car, cross fingers she has....

Won another prize again this week, is a red lipstick and a lovely brand, will show you when I receive it,  speaking of prizes the T-Short I won from "Konstruct" has arrived it is a really nice one and good quality. Sorry the pic is not that great - David has it :). So if you want a printed Tee - check them out :)
Also I have been looking for a bulldog clip thingee to hold bits of papers and finally found one yesterday in a local souvenir shop - not sure of the real name they call them. It is a Pukeko and I love them, even though they are a pest here in NZ, when I lived in Tauranga I had them around my property and loved it :) 

I found it when I was dropping Chris of at the bus-stop, as he has gone to Auckland for the weekend and doing some diving with his dad.

The reason I have not been on here much is that I have been pretty unwell, yesterday was my worst day, I had massive neck issues and every-time I moved my neck to look at the keyboard, I would get this awful dizzy spells, it was pretty scary, today it is a lot better, took a few extra pain reliefs yesterday to get through, not good but it was that or hospital. 

Yay just heard from Steph, her car passed a warrant so safe for another 6 months lol....

You know I had set up my desk corner the other day, I am not really liking the desk.... so am thinking I might set it up as a makeup table in the bedroom and find another desk to fit there.... still thinking on that one though, first of I need to get through my exam next Thursday. 

Also next week, I am going to do some changing in my food, I have not gained in a few week's but the losses are only like 100 grams, I want a bit more than that, but will talk about that more next week. Nothing to drastic though, and I need to up the exercise a bit more next week, again nothing major but the trip to the Gold Coast is getting closer and closer. 

Anyway Steph will be home soon and then David and I are going out to the "Dutch Market", it is only on here once every couple of months. Tomorrow they have an Art in the Park here, a yearly event so we will go and check that out tomorrow. 

Have a nice Saturday all :)

And a photo of me cause there has not been one for a while :)

And here is todays photo - "GUILTY PLEASURE", I love Marzipan and buy it once a year usually at Christmas, but got this at the Dutch Market today :)


  1. Shouldn't compare I know but your nail polish is a lot more fun than Anne's hospital wall. *smiles to you both*

    Sorry you have had a nasty few days. Don't need any more of that neck pain.


  2. Hope you had a good time at the market.
    Have a great Sunday !