Sunday, February 24, 2013

Maybe just Maybe dictation tomorrow...

Like I said maybe tomorrow for the dictation entry....

Anyway yesterdays outing was the best ever, I managed to do so much by using the wheelchair, I really need to stop hating the chair and start loving it....
First of we went to the farmers market in Tauranga, where we purchased organic and non organic, meats, veges, fruits and this.... a miniature edible herb garden, click "here" to see their site.  

In it is Sunflower, Rocket, Radish, Mustard and Pea Shoot. I am loving it already... I walked in the markets :)
After that we went to the Dutch Shop and you will be pleased to know not one bit of junk food was in our basket, in fact we only bought two things, one was Fritessaus (Which is a bit like our mayonnaise I suppose). We also got his... a little tea light lantern of a tulip, one of my favourite flowers.... I also walked in this shop as it was only 1 shop and easier than getting the chair out :). The candle below is one we got a while ago, not sure if I ever showed it. 

Next stop was Bayfair at Mount Maunganui, Bayfair is a shopping mall, scored myself a bargain T-Shirt at K-Mart there, thought it would be good enough for around the house, got home tried it on and it is actually quite nice lol. I used the wheelchair here, and also being a mall, my arms got a good workout while pushing myself around, I try and push myself as much as possible. 

After that we went into the Mount Street Shops and had lunch there, I had grilled chicken with an apricot sauce, (Don't normally like Apricot but thought I would give it a go and was pleasantly surprised:)left the bread behind :). I also used my chair here and David pushed as the pavements are slightly uneven and I am not fit enough to wheel myself there yet. Went to have a look at the two cruise ships that were in but it was to busy and to hot to stay. 

David purchased me this lovely Gecko, I love the colours in it :), It does not really show it well in the photo, in real life where it is hanging it looks fab :)
After that we managed to find a park at the Mount Beach, it was so busy as the Junior World Surf Champs was happening there, as it was a nice breeze coming of the ocean, I decided to talk a stroll on the boardwalk it was about 10 minutes, and took these pics :)

After that we went to David's sister place, and also popped in to see my friend for a bit. The day was perfect, I had a nice balance of using the wheelchair and having small walks. 

Got home about 5pm which is late for me lol - cooked dinner, then David and I went online and looked for some low carb recipes... and I put the splint on my wrist as it was just a little ok a lot on the sore side, but it was a small price to pay for the wonderful day I had out. 

Tonight for dinner I cooked the "Blue By You Meatloaf", was really nice, had beans and silver-beet with it.


  1. So nice to hear about your great day.

    Coming to terms with using a wheel chair is never easy.

    your shopping pics always get me going. Now I want a gecko just like yours *laughs* I have so much stuff to sort and find homes for but for that hmmm!

    Lovely weather and another more or less lazy day for me.


  2. Yay for having such a good day. Think of the chair as being one of th tools that enables you to have days like this. Make sure you rest a bit today.