Monday, February 4, 2013

On time...

Trying to keep up to date on the photo a day, and todays theme is:

"HOPE" took me a while to think on how I would do hope... I decided on this :)
I was going to add one more but it wouldn't let me add all the words I wanted to.... :(

Am getting back into study, basically I only have the morning, as afternoons I am a write off - I think mainly because of the meds.... sometimes I wonder if I should just stop them all, hell I only take nearly 40 a day to get through ;)

Today in the post came my fairyfeet from my fairygodmother..... I wish I knew who it was to say thank you personally but the people who organised it have promised to thank them for me, and just in case they happen to read this blog thank you so much :)

Here they are in all their glory, they are so comfortable and my swollen CRPS feet love them so much :)
These are the only type of shoes I can wear that are closed in, I am thinking I might grab another couple of pairs in black and gold. And they fit my nice wide feet so well :).

Today has been study, I need to get into a routine for next semester so am using the last 2 weeks of this semester to get on track, no more turning on the TV in the background is the first thing, though I dont really watch it, I use it for company, but it is also a distraction. 

Anyway thats it from me today catch you tomorrow :)


  1. Your feet look so pretty/ Maybe that's not a word you use often but it's true.

    All the best as you work out a routine. There's no point in struggling for hours when your brain has had enough. Praying that you will gey the best grades because you deserve it.

    I can't think of a more suitable person to be doing social work. The kids who visit are a sign that you've chosen the right profession I would think.


  2. I hope Biscuit will be okay xx

  3. I hope those things too !!!
    Those shoes look lovely and comfy - hope you managed to get the other pairs that you are wanting.
    There's something about getting into a routine when studying - really does help.
    Have the best day !