Sunday, February 10, 2013


And yes I am going to say it again, time is going to fast... and todays photo of the day is 3 O Clock, and I missed it cause I was napping.... so not sure what I am going to do for a photo now.

Anyway today we went to the Art In The Park and it was so hot, and did not have the chair with me, so a quick waddle around it, was some nice stuff there but we are saving for Aussie, so will have to settle with photos instead :) - They are all pretty self explanatory so will leave you to enjoy them.

I also changed my desks around again, I needed more space so my little corner is now gone till a later date, and also I want to get a desk that I really like, not one just on price :) - so here it is moved around a bit... I now have the small desk I got the other week, next to the bigger one, and have moved the imac to more of an angle so it is easier to see the screen as I seem to work on an angle, and have put the small bookshelf in front of the big bookshelf. 

So now it all is easily accessible. 

Today I was fiddling with the panoramic view on the iphone, as I need practice for when we go to Aussie, though I will be taking the big camera, I am sure the iphone will be used a lot as well, as they do take pretty good photos :) so here it is, it was a pond at the Art in the Park today. 
Have been studying heaps today and will be for the next 3 days, so may not post until Thursday or Friday afternoon. So have a good week and catch you soon :)

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