Thursday, February 21, 2013

The plan!!!

OK the plan...... David and I have talked some more about our way of eating, he has to go back in about 2 weeks for blood tests again, so for these two weeks we are going low carb, but keeping in the fruit.
So starting tomorrow I will weigh in, then won't for 2 weeks, and will see how we go.
There is no cure for CRPS, I have deteriorated a lot in 3 months, I am at the point where I am having to review my driving.... I have had a couple of close calls recently. I am not expecting any miracles with the CRPS, but any weight loss, has to be good for me and my overall health. I am not doing this for the CRPS, I am doing this for my overall health, and if it helps with the CRPS well that's the bonus, and that goes for anyone, there is always something we can work on and get something positive out of it, as long as we wake up each day, we can work towards a change, no matter how small it is.
David and I are both not ready to die just yet...


  1. Way to go you two, I know you both can do this, and its great you are both making changes now in your lives before you get to say my stage where it's almost impossible for me to turn things around

    You can both do this!

  2. well i should bloody well hope not. thats in response to your last quote by the way.

    I can see the health benefits but you have to find a way that works for you.

    end of story. just want you to be happy. xxx