Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thursday already...

No photo of the day just yet, am still deciding what to do today it is upside down I think, so until I can think of something exciting there won't be a picture.

Finally the pink is coming out of my hair, so I have booked my haircut and hopefully going blonde for next week Thursday morning, and then in the afternoon am getting my eyebrows shaped and  dyed, so am sure I will  feel like a different person. I really hate my hair at the moment. If it looks good I might just do a vlog. At least I don't need to pay for petrol as David's petrol vouchers he won pay for my  petrol to Tauranga. It will be a tiring day, but I am sure it will be worth it.

I found this site online called  'Coastal Scents',  Just wondering if any of you have tried it and if so what's it like, as I see good and bad reviews on the net. Having said that it, as I type this, it is probably really stupid to buy from the States when you can buy some really good make up brands here in New Zealand. 

Well the above was done with dictation but I have turned it off, cause it was making to many mistakes... not sure why, maybe my voice changes so much in the afternoon when I am tired, as this morning it was working just fine for my study. 

Anyway am tired, kids will be home soon so time for my afternoon nap :)

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  1. oooh definately show us some pics of the new hair ... and I love getting my brows waxed and coloured, totally changes my face shape. Being a mum at home I don't tend to do the hair or brows very much, but nice when we pamper ourselves! Go you!!