Friday, February 1, 2013

Up to date....

Here is photo of the day for the 1st February.... theme is "FORK".

So there we have 3 of my forks..... I do promise to get more adventurous as the year gets on...

Anyway yesterday my Goodiebox arrived from 'here'. I was expecting some awesome stuff like I have seen in some Aussie offers..... anyway here is what I got... a brown boring box, with a leaflet and some black tissue with the wrapped up goodies in it :). Now I have yet to try these products but as I do, I will try and review them at the same time. 
I opened it up and this is what I got... going clockwise, (oh and most of the samples they send us are not the full size) we have first of:
1) First Picture is all of it in the box
2) Le Tan in Le Can - By Le Tan - Full Size Retail $15.99
3) A Voucher for $25 of a MoleMap.
4) Nail Make Up - By Edelle Shoona - Full Size Retail $16.95

5) Basil and Grape Hand Cream - by MOR - Full Size Retail - $19.99
6) Cucumber Peel of Mask and Acai Facial Purifying Mask - By Freeman's - Full Size Retail - $17.40
7) UltraSheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen x 2 - By Neutrogena - Full Size Retail - $23.00

 Am I excited about this pack, not really but I will give it a another month or so and see from there, this is the first box they have sent as it is only new to NZ.

Ok next on the list is the things I have triaed and then I write a review on it..... These were both sent to me free of charge by 2 separate companies:
The first is a small sample of BB Cream  - Miracle Skin Perfector,  - By Garnier - 50mls is approx $13.00 - I think I must be the only person in NZ who had not tried a BB Cream, anyway this one I found was really good, it took away the uneven colors on my face and the dark eyes under my eyes, I topped it up with a bit of powder and was really happy with the effect. (Maybe next time I might take before and after photos lol). I used the medium shade and my daughter used the light shade, she found it pretty good, I think I may now be a BB convert, but I might try another brand though, as I have heard some really good reviews on other brands.... :) 
The second sample was Very Gentle Calming Serum - By Trilogy - Retail $44.90. I use this night and morning, you only need a fraction, as it goes a long way, I love this stuff and it is so nice on my skin, after a few minutes I can feel it working lol - I will certainly be buying this when it runs out. It makes my skin feel so soft and refreshed :). 

Right next thing - a courier turned up this morning, I thought yay maybe another prize or parcel -  but no such luck this turned up... 
Yip the semester has not even finished for the summer yet but my first paper has arrived for first semester this year, I suppose it only starts in about 3 1/2 weeks or so.... this year is going to be a tough one for me.... and I will really need to discipline myself to stay on top of things. 

Anyway thats it from me for now - catch you all another day :)


  1. That fork photo is really cool. The blue light and how you placed them makes it exciting. Funny how a tweak here or there works.


  2. Never heard of Goodie Box, but it seems very similar to Sample Bar. I like how Goodie Box seems to come with more in it compared to the Sample Bar boxes which are just 5 things.

    Can't wait for more reviews so I can see if it is worth switching or not :-)

  3. I like your fork photo. When I finally get a post up, I'm joining in on the Feb challenge.

    BB cream is wonderful. I still use some mineral powder on some areas but it's my new number one product.